Contemporary Collage

“Abstract, contemporary and beautiful, Sheila Riley’s collage pieces are truly unique. Inspired by water and reflections, her collages are made using tissue paper, magazines, paint, thread and ribbon to create a sense of depth and emotion in every work.”


“The movement of water….the sense of what we understand about water, which is an extremely fundamental matter. It’s a good subject that one could work on most of one’s life if necessary.”  William Hayter


Having married a musician, my life was very busy in different ways until in September 2008 I was unexpectedly widowed. Suddenly I found myself needing to find a way of expressing some of the most intense emotions I have ever experienced.

As will be apparent, I have always had a fascination with water and reflections. From a more traditional start I began experimenting with collage and am gradually developing a style that is quite abstract and contemporary. Using torn tissue paper and magazines with paint and coloured threads, I am enjoying creating some vibrant work.

Since starting to show my work early in 2012 I have been very successful with a series of one man shows, street galleries and online sales.

I hope you find something that interests you.